13MM-SD120 - 120cm Satellite Dish
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120cm Satellite Dish



Matchmaster has a broad range of Satellite Dishes, Mounts and accessories to suit all Ku-Band reception systems including Pay-TV and VAST services. Matchmaster can offer simple travel kits for Caravaners through to complex Commercial reception systems.
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Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel approved (F10107)
  • Best suited for commercial installation
  • The polyester based powder coating is designed for the exterior environment, salt spray, light, colour retention and is also weather resistant
  • Strong and durable pole mount
  • High quality LNB holder and powder coated dish

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


Type Offset
Offset Angle 24.62°
Aperture (Diameter) Horizontal Axis: 120cm
Vertical Axis: 132cm
Efficiency 75% min.
Ku-Band Gain @ 12.50 GHz 43.32 dBi
F/D Ratio 0.6
Focus Length 720 mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Colour Grey/Cool Grey/Dark Grey
Mounting Type -
Adjustable Type AZ/EL
Material Steel/Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Colour Grey/Cool Grey/Dark Grey
Elevation 17° ... 90°
Azimuth 0° ... 360°
Pole Diameter 45 ... 76mm
Ambient Temperature -40°C ... +60°C
Relative Humidity 0 ... 100%
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