14MM-PI62 - Power Inserter 60V 2A 5-2400MHz

Power Inserter 60V 2A 5-2400MHz


Pay TV Approved  

Product Summary

A Foxtel approved (F31093) 60VDC 2A Power Inserter designed for use with Foxtel Active taps and multswitches. Designed to be inserted into the coaxial line at any point in the network. Designed to be used with either 14MM-ATPS-1A or 14MM-ATPS-3A
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Features and Benefits

  • Maximum power supply of 60VDC @ 2 Amp
  • Can be used to remotely power multiswitches and active taps
  • Foxtel approved (F31093)
  • Frequency Range 40 -2400MHz
  • Low Insertion Loss ≤1.0 dB
  • Zinc die cast housing, nickel-plated
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