17MM-DM03QB - 3 Way ‘F’ Type Splitter 5-2400MHz DC All Ports Power Pass (50 Pack)
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3 Way ‘F’ Type Splitter 5-2400MHz DC All Ports Power Pass (50 Pack)


Product Summary

The 17MM-DM03QB is a Foxtel approved A-Class 3 way 'F' type splitter covering frequencies from 5 to 2400Mhz, making it ideal for satellite and terrestrial connections. The DM03QB is an all port power pass splitter for DC voltage throughput, which makes it perfect and simple to use with Matchmaster's range of DC masthead amplifiers. The DM series splitters are available from 2 way to 8 way to cater for all of your needs.
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Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel approved (F30938)
  • Suitable for both satellite/TDT & FTA
  • DC power pass all ports
  • 10dB extra screening with soldered back
  • Frequency range 5-2400MHz

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Insertion Loss 5-40MHz 8.2 to 6.0dB
40-470MHz 6.0dB
470-1000MHz 6.0 to 7.5dB
1000-1750MHz 7.5 to 8.5dB
1750-2150MHz 8.5 to 9.0dB
2150-2400MHz 9.0 to 10.5dB
Return Loss 5-40MHz ≥10dB
40-470MHz ≥10dB
470-1000MHz ≥10dB
1000-1750MHz ≥10dB
1750-2150MHz ≥10dB
2150-2400MHz ≥10dB
Isolation 5-40MHz ≥22dB
40-1000MHz ≥23dB
1000-1750MHz ≥23dB
1750-2400MHz ≥23dB
DC Power Passing from all output to input Max. 500mA

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