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Digital TV and Satellite Signal Finder


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Matchmaster has a range of test equipment from the simple signal finders through to professional high end RF/Fibre optic analysers. Matchmaster can supply hands on training for all meter types as well as local service and repairs. All professional meters are tested and programmed by Matchmaster to your needs.
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Features and Benefits

  • Designed to ensure that you position and angle your digital TV antenna/satellite in the correct direction for best reception
  • Suitable for the home, caravan, boating and leisure enthusiast
  • Provides LED lights to show signal strength for antenna/satellite adjustment
  • Easy to use, compact design
  • Includes 9V battery

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 hang sell blister pack of 1 piece


Power Requirement 9V Battery. Avg. 60mA. (or automatic power via Satellite Receiver connection 13-18VDC)
Battery Life Zinc (6F22) better than 6Hrs continuous use. Alkaline (6LR61) better than 10 hours continuous use
Frequency Response FTA 40-860MHz SAT, 950-2150MHz
Sensitivity ANT input, 4 channels/MUX’s, +/-2dBuV, 75 (single channel sensitivity in square brackets)
1 LED 44 (63) dBµV Low signal, not all TV services may be available
2 LED's 47 (66) dBµV Minimum signal, not all TV services may be available
3 LED's 51 (69) dBµV Minimum signal, not all TV services may be available
4 LED's 54 (72) dBµV Optimum signal
5 LED's 59 (75) dBµV Optimum signal
6 LED's 61 (78) dBµV Optimum signal
7 LED's 64 (81) dBµV Optimum signal
8 LED's 68 (84) dBµV Optimum signal
9 LED's 71 (87) dBµV Optimum signal
10 LED's 74 (90) dBµV Optimum signal
11 LED's 78 (94) dBµV Optimum signal
12 LED's 81 (98) dBµV Optimum signal
SAT Input Visual/Audio Indication Only
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