12MM-M6-BATTERY - Field Swappable Battery for 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF
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Field Swappable Battery for 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF


Product Summary

Field replaceable battery allowing operation time to be extended without the need to wait for recharging or mains power connections which are not always available in working locations. The high-quality Litium Ion battery provides an average operation time up to 4 hours.
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Features and Benefits

  • Keep your MOSAIQ6/6-SF operating with a spare charged battery
  • Lithium Ion (7.2 VDC, 9,000mAh) swappable in the field
  • Standalone charging so the battery can be charged separate to the meter to allow for continuous use
  • High quality with factory charge cycle providing up to 4hrs field operation
  • Genuine manufacturer replacement battery

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Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


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