Matchmaster Australian Made, Australian Owned


Hi, today I’ll be taking you through the assembly of our MAGNA25 log periodic antenna. The MAGNA25 is part of our heavy duty range and it’s made in Australia for Australian divisions.

One of its stand out features is its compact design, which makes for easy storage in your van or for easy roof access. What you’ll love about it, is centre balanced, this assures no gain is lost – a common problem found with other products on the market. Another great feature of the MAGNA25 is its simply set up.

The first thing you want to do is snap out the elements, starting at the bottom. Once you’ve done that, turn the antenna around and fold out the elements on the other side of the antenna.

We’ve already installed the U-bolt and the nest for you, which is a trade mark of our MAGNA series antennas. And with that, you’ve now completed assembling the MAGNA25. Now you can bolt it onto your mast, connect your antenna cable and point to the nearest transmitter.

To find out where your local TV transmitter is go to or give us a call on 1800-AERIAL

Thanks for watching.