07MM-GM02 to GM08

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Today I will be taking you through the set-up of our A-Class splitters. The GM Series.

They are a single port power pass splitters from 2 way through to 8 way

Single port power pass means we can only pass power through the one port, indicated by the power pass red line from the output to the input.

The purpose of the power pass leg of the splitter is to pass power through to a masthead amplifier, this is on all the GM Series splitters..

Let’s start with the 07MM-GM04.

It can carry both AC and DC voltage, has a bidirectional power pass, improves insertion loss and isolation and has a frequency range of 5 to 2450 Megahertz.

The GM04 has one input and four outputs.

First thing, connect the antenna input to the input on the splitter labelled “IN” on the face plate.

– These splitters are “A Class” splitters which have 10db extra screening effectively reducing interference.

Make sure to connect up F connectors finger tight.

Connect four outlets to the existing outlet ports on the side of the splitter.

It also features a cast housing with a soldered back cover plate for greater screening.

– Make sure the white foam dielectric is flush, with the inside of the F connector and that there is no braid wrapped around or touching the centre conductor.

– Also, make sure the centre conductor protrudes 1 to 2 mm past the F connector nut for correct secure termination.

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