MatchPlan Pro

Matchmaster’s MatchPlan Pro is an easy to use five wire system design tool for satellite pay TV. MatchPlan Pro can be found at on mobile, tablet or desktop.

MatchPlan Pro allows you to submit details of a high rise building project, then receive a detailed schematic diagram and required parts list.

Let’s get started by going to your browser and typing in

Once you’re on the MatchPlan Pro website, you will need to provide your individual details. The email address you enter will be where you receive the final diagram and report by Matchmaster.

Next we will go down to the wholesaler’s section. This allows you to nominate a preferred wholesaler in your area which Matchmaster will liaise with when providing a quote. This also ensures stock availability for pick up via the wholesaler.

Project details. The project details will be included in a convenient line diagram and project parts that can all be used to provide your client with the projects scope followed by a quotation. The date required is the date you require all items to be picked up to complete the project and please don’t hesitate to add any specific detailed project notes so we can provide the best possible solution for your client’s project.

The outlet matrix is where MatchPlan Pro truly shines, in this section you will understand just how powerful a tool like MatchPlan Pro will become when quoting and providing estimates for future projects. Matchmaster’s MatchPlan Pro is designed to suit vertical high rises up to twenty-five floors and you can customise your projects floors by selecting the green plus symbol button or using the text field next to total floors.

In this example we will be designing an eight floor high rise building. MatchPlan Pro doesn’t require the number of units or rooms per floor but only the pay TV/FTA and FTA outlets for the entire floor. FTA outlets are single cabled outlets that provide free to air only output. Pay TV/FTA outlets are dual cabled for pay TV and free to air connections. Go down the building adding all your single and dual cabled outlets. Once completed you will find a pre-calculated total number of FTA outlets and pay TV/FTA outlets. Make sure these match your project requirements otherwise you will need to revisit each floors outlets.

When the outlet matrix is completed, move down to the final steps for MatchPlan Pro to provide you with a project parts list and line diagram. Add the distance in metres between riser floors. This is an average value. Estimate the shortest and longest cable run lengths required between wall outlet and riser. Then specify the number of in-house channels required for your project, plus tick if your project will be using DAB plus, and if you require a FM radio antenna and pay TV satellite dish.

Hit the submit project button. MatchPlan Pro will email you three PDF’s being a project details confirmation, estimated parts list and a detailed diagram of how your projects parts will be laid out per floor. Matchmaster will be notified of your project details and will contact you within the next twenty-four hours with a quote.

If you require any assistance using MatchPlan Pro, please contact your local Matchmaster sales representative or call 1800 237 425 to speak with one of Matchmaster’s engineers.