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Hello and welcome to Matchmaster, for the best.

Today, I will be taking you through the setup of the 01MM-DC21A, here is what it looks like fully constructed. This antenna we recommend for most metropolitan and sub-regional areas.

It’s a favourite of ours, mainly for its snap lock elements and its heavy duty construction, what make it stand out is its X type dipole, f type diplexing system and dual reflector for multi path rejection.

The DC21A also features a built in 652MHz low pass 4G LTE filter for reduced interference

Okay, let’s get started.

The first thing you want to do, is twist and snap out the corner reflectors and twist the lower reflector down.

Then, connect the G unit to the boom, then secure with the washer and wing nut.

Connect the two booms together using the screws supplied.

And attach the x type dipole onto the black saddle.

Make sure the two f type connectors are facing the back of the antenna. With the cable supplied, screw the connector to the output of the VHF balun and slide the rubber boot over. If you look on top of the UHF balun you will see output and input. Make sure you connect to the VHF link to the input.

Insert the U-bolt through the nest and slide it into the boom and through the bracket. Use the washers and nuts supplied to hold it all together.

Bolt the antenna onto your mast.

Now that you’ve completed constructing the DC21A, connect your antenna cable and point it to the nearest TV transmitter. To find out where your local TV transmitter is, go to or give us a call on 1800-AERIAL.

Thanks for watching.