Connection Challenge Video


Video Transcript

Tim: Matchmaster designs, maufactures and distributes a wide range of products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Today, we have Michael Wirth, an Installer from Melbourne and he has a speedy secret to share. How are you Michael?

Michael: Good Tim, How are you?

Tim: But first, tell us a bit about yourself Michael?

Michael: I’m an antenna installer based in Melbourne. I’ve been in the industry for about ten years. I’ve worked and travelled around Australia. Out to the back of WA, regional areas, NSW, pretty much all over the place.

Tim: That’s great! Well we’ve got Michael here to discuss with us, Matchmaster’s new innovative cablecon compression connector. The 08MM-QM06, it is a universal quick mount connector. First question, why Matchmaster and why this specific connector?

Michael: Well, firstly Matchmaster have always had a reputation to delivering high performing, durable and strong equipment. The particular Matchmaster Cablecon connector is really really easy to use, doesn’t take much cable preparation and you know they are going to work beautifully every time.

Tim: So what is the required equipment to install this connector?

Michael: Okay, so you have your coaxial cable, connector, your cable strippers and your compression connector and that’s it.

Tim: Brilliant. Now, there’s been a bit of a competition going around Australia at the moment, who can install this connector the fastest. The time so far is 9.2 seconds, but I hear you can beat that?

Michael: Yes Tim, I think I can beat 9.2 seconds.

Tim: Whoa, what’s your fastest time so far?

Michael: Recently, I was able to do it in 5.5 seconds.

Tim: Wow, that’s great. How are you able to do it so fast?

Michael: You don’t have to prepare the cable too much, just strip it back, you don’t need to pull back all the fibres and everything else takes a little bit longer. The cable connectors slip on nice and easily, you don’t have to force them or sit there and really wedge them on. Which also means you don’t cut your hands to pieces after you’ve done a couple of hundred in a day. The compression crimpers are nice and easy too, just one wack and bang you’re done.

Tim: That’s great. So what are some of the challenges of working with this connector?

Michael: Probably the biggest challenges of remembering each time that you don’t have to strip back all the fibres and the shielding. That’s something I’ve been finding the hardest part to forget doing. The other part is my hands are getting nice and soft, so the old calluses are disappearing.

Tim: Okay, thanks for that Michael. Now, let’s go see that super-fast demo.

Michael: Okay, let’s do it.

Tim: Ready, set, go.

Michael: Done.

Tim: Pretty happy with that.

Michael: 3.8.

Tim: And there you have it. Michael Wirth, an antenna installer from Melbourne, beating his own current record of 5.5 seconds now down to 3.8. All with one stripping tool and one compression tool. Nice and simple. Thank you Michael.

Michael: My pleasure Tim. Absolutely, wonderful working with Matchmaster, it’s for the best. And if anyone else out there thinks they can beat 3.8 seconds, please bring it on! We would love to see it.