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Hi, today I’ll be talking you through the setup of the SI6Q. Here is what it looks like fully terminated. The equipment needed to assemble this connector is the coax cable stripper, RG6 cable, a cable cutting tool and of course the connector itself.

The SI6Q is an RG6 Cablecon connector; a simple and innovative push on connector. A great feature for antenna installers as no compression tools required. Firstly, get your stripper tool, insert the cable and wind it around. Afterwards, pull back the braid and the foil sheath. Then, get your connector, twist on and push.

However, for this termination you do not need a compression or a crimping tool, it is a simple installation, a very cost effective solution and saves time. Lastly, use your cable-cutting tool to cut off the centre conductor to approximately 3 to 4 millimetres from the end of the connector and the job is done. It’s that easy, notice how strong the connector is as it grips the cable, making it difficult to come off.

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