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Video Transcript

Matchmaster’s 10MM-MB34P is a block A, B and C UHF VHF amplifier with individual block filters per input with a power supply included

- The MB34P has three individual built in 4G LTE block band pass filters

- The filtering at 700MHz, is greater than 50dB attenuation at maximum gain for UHF of 34dB

- The VHF input return loss is greater than 13dB and the UHF return loss is greater than 11dB with a noise figure less than 2.9dB for UHF

- The MB34P can be used with VHF or UHF antenna's or a combination of both

- The MB34P includes a VHF on off switch to prevent VHF signal ingress when VHF is not required

- The pack contains a 14 volt direct current power supply and a cable tie for mounting

- The MB34P has a gain adjustment switch that is selectable between 15, 25 and 34dB. Giving the benefit of carrying one amplifier in your inventory for all your A, B or C block broadcast zones