56MM-CFVK-3 - Optus or Vodafone 3G/4G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Kit for Vehicles
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Optus or Vodafone 3G/4G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Kit for Vehicles


Product Summary

The CFVK-3 is an Optus or Vodafone selectable Cel-Fi Go Mobile kit to provide mobile signal amplification in cars, trucks, caravans etc., to boost your signal when passing through low reception areas. The kit comprises a Cel-Fi Go unit that is selectable between Optus or Vodafone when configuring with in-vehicle antenna, high gain outdoor antenna with integrated 5m lead to connect a system. In addition, the Cel-Fi Go repeater covers both 3G and 4G signals for mobile calls and data, allowing you to increase your data rate for uninterrupted browsing and streaming provided an adequate signal from the external antenna.
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Features and Benefits

  • A complete cellular vehicle kit for your car, truck, caravan or other mobile application for Optus or Vodafone mobile
  • Boost your mobile signal with up to 100dB of gain
  • Designed for use in the Optus and Vodafone mobile networks
  • Use with Cel-Fi WAVE applications for mobile phones and tablets plus PC for easy setup.
  • Band selection button for quickly selecting best signal available
  • Easy plug and play setup

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Kit Components

Product Code Description Quantity
56MM-4G01-M 4G Multi-band Mobile Cellular Antenna with Stainless Steel Spring Mount Base 1
56MM-BMB1 4G/5G Bar or Mirror Mounting Bracket Stainless Steel (8-30mm Diameter) 1
56MM-LBV-MW "Z" Shaped Antenna Mounting Bracket for Vehicle Bonnet/Boot Installations - Medium Weight 1
56MM-BBM1 Bull Bar Mounting Bracket Stainless Steel (40-60mm Diameter) - Medium Weight 1
56MM-CFGM-OV Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Optus or Vodafone 3G/4G (Mobile -Vehicle/Marine Vessel) 1
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