02MM-EE06A - Phased Array

Horizontal Polarisation
02MM-EE06A - Phased Array
Vertical Polarisation
02MM-EE06A - Phased Array

Phased Array 'F' Type Digital TV Antenna UHF (28-51) (2 Pack)


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The EE06A is a twin pack of the original, leading UHF Phased Array Antenna in our market for DVB-T reception. German-made from high-grade materials and components, the EE06A features a built-in 4G/5G (LTE) 694MHz low pass filter to help eliminate unwanted frequencies and interference. Designed for use in horizontal and vertical polarities, it also features a tilt bracket to allow for optimal tuning, making it the perfect selection for coastal regions.
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Features and Benefits

  • 694MHz low pass 4G/5G LTE filter
  • Equivalent 40 element phased array style
  • Made in Germany
  • 13.5dB maximum gain
  • Receives UHF channels 28-51

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 2 pieces
Bulk: 1 pallet of 40 boxes (80 pieces)


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Elements 20
Band UHF
Channels (28-51)
Maximum Gain 13.5dB
Half Power Beam Width Horizontal 46°
Half Power Beam Width Vertical 27°
Wind Loading Horizontal/Vertical 107N
Balun Type 'F' Type PCB
Packing Type/Unit Inner

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