20MM-LR272612 - WISI 230V Fibre Optic Receiver High Output 109dBμV - 85-1218MHz
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WISI 230V Fibre Optic Receiver High Output 109dBμV - 85-1218MHz


Product Summary

The LR272612 is a high output (109dBμV) 230V AC powered fibre optic receiver with a waterproof and RF-screened die-cast housing. The LR27 is perfect for use in harsh environments such as pedestals and other types of outdoor enclosures. Two way tapped or split output available by using XM25B0044 (4dB/4dB), XM25B0082 (8dB/2dB) and XM25B0131 (13dB/1dB) (sold separately). 14MM-ZG28 required to adapt to 'F' type outputs or 14MM-ZG01 for 5/8 output. Bluetooth control using Android devices for easy setup. (14MM-LB01 antenna required, sold separately.)
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Features and Benefits

  • High RF output level of 109 dBμV for a full DOCSIS 3.1 load in FTTC or FTTB networks with built-in WDM for the upstream signal to allow use on a single fibre core
  • All settings (gain, slope etc.) via WISI Bluetooth app or by OH41 hand controller
  • Pluggable output splitters/taps for flexible configuration of the two RF outputs (sold separately)
  • Optical ALC for regulated output levels
  • DOCSIS-3.1-compliant frequency range: downstream up to 1.2 GHz, upstream up to 204 MHz (depending on diplexer)
  • IP66 rated with operating temperature range -20 to +55°C

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Optical Input Power -8...+2 dBm
Wavelength 1535...1565 nm
Frequency Range

85...1218 MHz
(depending on diplexer)


Noise Current Density < 4,5 pA/√Hz
Attenuator Downstream 0...20 dB (0,5 dB steps)
Equalizer Downstream 0...15 dB (0,5 dB steps)
Outputlevel 10 dB Slope
(121 x QAM256), (EN60728-3-1)
109 dBμV (
BER <1 exp-9), (@ 2,5% OMI)
Outputlevel Flat
(121 x QAM256), (EN60728-3-1)
107 dBμV
(BER <1 exp-9), (@ 2,5% OMI)
Amplitude Response ± 0,75 dB
Test Point -20 dB
RF Return Loss > 18 dB (-1 dB/oct., min. 14 dB)
Optical Return Loss > 40 dB
Optical Output Power 3 dBm
Wavelength 1270...1610 nm (according Order Code)
Frequency Range 5...65 / 204 MHz (depending on diplexer)
Flatness ±0,75 dB
Low pass (switchable) 65/204 MHz
Ingress Control Switch (ICS) 0/-6/- >45 dB
RF return loss > 18 dB
Optical return loss > 40 dB
RFoG-Upstream (RFoG Mode „on“)
RF input level 70...100 dBμV
Attenuator 0...30 dB
Test Point 70 dBμV (@ 15 % OMI)
(RFoG Mode „off“)
Nominal RF Input Level 70 dBμV (5 % OMI)
OMI 3...10 % (adjustable)
Test point 70 dBμV @ 10 % OMI
Optical connectors SC/APC (see order code)
PG 11 connectors 4 pcs. (2x RF input/output)
User Interfaces
Status LED Downstream Optical input power
Status LED Upstream Laser activity
Management Ports RJ11 1 pcs. (for handset OH 41)
Remotely Controlled Parameters
via FSK
DS on/off, US on/off, ICS 0/-6/-45
(with optional Rx module)
Bluetooth Version 4.0 / LE
Bluetooth App Compatibility Android 4.3 or higher
General Data
Supply Voltage LR 2x x 2xxx: 180...264 V AC,
LR 2x x 6xxx: 27...65 V AC
Power Consumption Max. 16 W
Output Impedance 75 Ω
(width x height x depth)
232 x 145 x 86 mm
Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EN 50083-2
Protection Class IP 66
Ambient Temperature -10...+55  C
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