20MM-MO418-1555 - TERRA Fibre Transmitter 1555nm +6dBm
Front View

TERRA Fibre Transmitter 1555nm +6dBm


Product Summary

The Terra MO418-1555 is a wideband fibre transmitter with +6dBm output. The wavelength is set to 1555nm to be compatible with GPON and XG-PON networks. The MO418-1555 is part of the Terra 400 series headend and fibre equipment range.
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Features and Benefits

  • 1555nm +6dBm fibre transmitter to work with GPON and XG-PON networks
  • Can be powered by either 14MM-UP410S standalone power supply or 14MM-UP413 for redundancy
  • Can be paired with Terras 14MM-OAD514 or 14MM-OAD518 EDFA's to increase network size
  • Can be paired with Terras 20MM-SO414 or 20MM-SO418 optical splitters
  • Din rail or wall mounting option, rack mount option by 14MM-MR19-420
  • SC APC connectors

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