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Optical Splitters

Product Summary

Wideband optical splitters available in 19-inch rack mount and ABS box stand-alone series to build into wall and tray FOBOT's. Suitable for use in both data and MATV/SMATV fibre networks. They are featuring an operating wavelength range of 1260-1650nm.
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Features and Benefits

  • SC/APC angle-polished optical connectors as standard (other models available by special order)
  • Available from 2 way to 32 way in 19" rack or ABS box stand-alone form
  • All connectors on the front panel in 19" form for ease of access
  • Excellent polarization insensitivity
  • High-quality optical splitters for wideband performance with 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm systems
  • Return loss >55dB

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Product Range

Product Code Output Style
20MM-OSP2-19 2 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP4*2-19 4x2 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP8*2-19 8x2 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP4-19 4 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP2*4-19 2x4 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP4*4-19 4x4 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP6-19 6 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP8-19 8 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP16-19 16 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP32-19 32 Way 19" Rack Mounted
20MM-OSP2-SB 2 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
20MM-OSP4-SB 4 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
20MM-OSP6-SB 6 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
20MM-OSP8-SB 8 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
20MM-OSP16-SB 16 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
20MM-OSP32-SB 32 Way Stand-alone ABS Box
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