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OS2 Adaptors

Product Summary

OS2 adaptors are ideal for quickly joining cables together, changing cable gender, or building your patch panels and FOBOT's. Suitable for use in RF fibre networks, data centres, enterprise networks, telecom rooms, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any place fibre patch cables are required.
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Features and Benefits

  • Features plastic flange or metal flange
  • Duplex adaptors for most models with simplex for ST and quad available for LC connectors
  • Factory manufactured and thoroughly tested
  • High-quality fibre optic adaptor used for joining cables, used with LC, SC, LCA, SCA and ST connectors
  • Use OS2 adaptors as gender changers
  • RoHS Compliant

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Product Range

Product Code Connection Type
20MM-AS2S-ST Simplex ST
20MM-AS2D-SC Duplex SC
20MM-AS2D-LC Duplex LC
20MM-AS2Q-LC Quad LC
20MM-AS2D-SCA Duplex SC (APC)
20MM-AS2D-LCA Duplex LC (APC)
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