OS2 Pigtails -
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OS2 Pigtails

Product Summary

OS2 Pigtails are ideal for quickly splicing the required connector to your network. 9/125μm OS2 single-mode fibre optic patch cable is suitable for connecting 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet connections. It can also save space for your high-density cabling in data centres, enterprise networks, telecom rooms, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any place fibre patch cables are required.
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Features and Benefits

  • Rainbow international standard coloured packs
  • ST, SC, SCA, LC, LCA and FCA individual 2m long pigtails for OS2 fibre
  • Crush and kink resistant
  • Precision connectors ensure consistent low loss
  • Flexible and abrasion-resistant LSZH (riser) jacket, durable for indoor use
  • Low smoke zero halogen

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Product Range

Product Code Connection Type Colour Length
20MM-PTS2SC-2 Simplex SC 1 2m
20MM-PTS2SC-2-6 Simplex SC 6 2m
20MM-PTS2SC-2-12 Simplex SC 12 2m
20MM-PTS2ST-2 Simplex ST 1 2m
20MM-PTS2ST-2-6 Simplex ST 6 2m
20MM-PTS2ST-2-12 Simplex ST 12 2m
20MM-PTS2LC-2 Simplex LC 1 2m
20MM-PTS2LC-2-6 Simplex LC 6 2m
20MM-PTS2LC-2-12 Simplex LC 12 2m
20MM-PTS2FCA-2 Simplex FC (APC) 1 2m
20MM-PTS2SCA-2 Simplex SC (APC) 1 2m
20MM-PTS2SCA-2-6 Simplex SC (APC) 6 2m
20MM-PTS2SCA-2-12 Simplex SC (APC) 12 2m
20MM-PTS2LCA-2 Simplex LC (APC) 1 2m
20MM-PTS2LCA-2-6 Simplex LC (APC) 6 2m
20MM-PTS2LCA-2-12 Simplex LC (APC) 12 2m
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