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How to enable motion detection on your doorbell via MM SmartView app

These instructions will show you how to set a ‘motion detect’ alert on your 50MM-WD01. This alert can be scheduled or set to 24-hour detection.

Step 1) Tap the ‘Device Configuration’ icon located in the top right of your device row.

Step 1 Screenshot

Step 2) Tap ‘Arming Settings’.

Step 2 Screenshot

Step 3) Enable ‘Motion Detection’ using the toggle switch.

Step 3 Screenshot

Once you have enabled motion detection, 2 additional options become available:

a) Sensitivity: You can adjust the sensitivity of your ‘Motion Detection’ notifications by changing the ‘Alarm Delay’ to between 0 and 90 seconds. (Example: if you set the ‘Alarm Delay’ duration for 5 seconds, your doorbell will only notify your smart device once it detects 5 seconds worth of motion by its camera.)

Step 4 Screenshot

b) Scheduled motion detection: allows you to set the detection time to 24 hours, or a scheduled start and end time repeated daily. (Example: typical sleeping period.)

Step 5 Screenshot

Step 4) Tap ‘Save’ to confirm your changes.

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