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Video Transcript

Matchmaster’s 10MM-MDU34P is a multi-band UHF masthead amplifier with a power supply included.

- The MDU34P is enclosed in a UV stabilised weather proof case that protects the electronics from corrosion.

- UV stabilised cable tie for quick and easy installation.

- Fully shielded metal amplifier case to ensure no signal ingress from external sources can cause interference.

- LED indicator light on the face of the amplifier to allow the installer to know that power is present.

- The MDU34P has a gain adjustment switch that is selectable between 15, 25, and 34 dB depending on your distance from the transmitter and number of TV points required.

- The 10MM-MDU34P, has four individually filtered UHF inputs, with filters for band B channels 28 to 33, band C channels 34 to 39, band D channels 40 to 45 and band E channels 46 to fifty-one.

- The 10MM-MDU34P provides greater than 50dB rejection of 4G signal interference as well as rejecting any other potential interference such as out of band white noise interference.

For more information, please visit www.matchmaster.com.au